In any business your mailing list is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your toolbox. Your mailing list is essential to building relationships with your ideal clients and positioning yourself as an expert in your field. The purpose of an opt-in is to create an irresistible offer that new visitors to your website just can’t refuse.

You’ve done the work to get your ideal clients on to your opt-in page, it’s now time to engage and convert using my 3 point checklist.

Here is my game changing 3 point checklist for a high-converting opt-in page

⁠(use this for the entry point for your sales funnel)⁠


⁠Naming your freebie? Tell your people exactly what transformation they can expect.⁠

⁠→ Instead of “Healthy Eating Plan” try “Feel More Energy in 5 Days”.⁠

⁠→ Whip “Learn How to Manifest” into “Manifest Anything You Want”.⁠⁠

→ Switch “Dubsado Checklist” into “How to Book Consistent $10k Clients Using Dubsado”.⁠


Testimonials, a mini-case study, screenshots of DMs, or logos from publications you’ve been featured in. ⁠

This sales psychology method helps validate your offer through the endorsement of others. ⁠

⁠Because it’s all about building trust, right? ⁠


Is it clear exactly WHAT they’re getting once they hand over their precious email address?⁠


Is this freebie right for them?⁠

⁠Any doubt or unanswered q’s may result in inaction.⁠

⁠The good news is, this can be easily solved with: ⁠

⁠> a mock-up of the PDF freebie or masterclass.⁠

⁠> FAQs that answer q’s like “How long do I have access to the training for?”.⁠

⁠> A section that states “This is for you if….”⁠

⁠Got questions or suggestions? Drop them into the comments below!