So you’re ready to turn your passion into a scaleable online course?⁠

(of course you are, you’re magic!)⁠

Steal this 1-2-3 guide for planning an online course that creates epic results:⁠

1️⃣ Mindset Lessons

What limiting beliefs + mindset blocks do your students need to work through BEFORE they can up-level in their life?⁠

Consciously or *subconsciously* their inner voice may be thinking…⁠

“I’m not worthy of this”⁠

“This will never work for me”⁠

“People like me don’t make this sort of money”⁠

Before ANY of your strategies can work, your students will likely need to be guided through the mindset shifts that’ll prepare them for unleashing their next-level selves.⁠

(and avoids any potential self-sabotage)⁠

2️⃣ Future Pacing

Right now, your new student can’t see the forest through the trees.⁠

It’s your (joyful) role as their teacher to show them what’s possible this week, month, year and beyond.⁠

Help them get excited a.f. about what’s next by envisaging their:⁠

→ future monthly income⁠
→ sales goals⁠
→ dream schedule⁠
→ soulmate clients⁠
→ mindset / clarity / well-being⁠

… and more!⁠⁠

3️⃣ Snack Sized Lessons

You know that little endorphin hit you get when you check something off your to-do list?⁠

Your students get the same buzz when they mark off a lesson, edging closer to the end.⁠

But remember, your students are just like you.⁠

Meaning they just don’t have the time (or the attention span) to sit through complex, lengthy lessons. ⁠

>> Instead, break up your modules into snackable sizes to keep the momentum HIGH <<⁠

(The flipside? Lengthy lessons can cause fatigue, overwhelm + affect your completion rates)⁠

Bonus snack tip: Wrap up each lesson with a task or implementation activity.⁠
This helps your students stay on track, keep that big vision burning bright.⁠

Tell me: which one of these has inspired you the most?⁠

⁠Got questions or suggestions? Drop them into the comments below!