Confession: I used to think of affirmations and journal prompts as a bunch of woo woo nonsense.

But here’s what I’ve come to realise of late – you simply can’t move forward in your business, add that extra ‘0’ to your income or truly feel overflow when it comes to money if you’re subconsciously blocking it from your life.

And often, when sitting in a quiet space and journalling that I uncover a WHOLE bunch of limiting beliefs that I has no idea were subconsciously there.

Beliefs about being bad with money.

Rich people being bad and selfish.

Money equalling greed.

Having to mimic my family’s beliefs about money.


SO my gorgeous friend, if you’re ready to step into a whole new space of abundance and overflow, I invite you to weave these journaling prompts into your daily practice.

How am I ready to FEEL about money?

What fears am I RELEASING today?

✨ I am an energetic MATCH for $____ this month, and so it is done.

Today I am CALLING IN _____.

Money NOURISHES, and never depletes.

I show up as a 7- FIGURE entrepreneur.

Money allows me to make a POWERFUL and IMPORTANT impact on by _____.