How to know if it’s time to hire a Pinterest VA

December 13, 2020/by Kate Wilkinson
Discover how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, work from home, get paid to pin and choose your own schedule! In this post, I'm sharing exactly how you can get started as a PVA, today!

How to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

August 18, 2020/by Kate Wilkinson

5 tips to use lifestyle stock photos to grow and enhance your brand.

April 18, 2020/by Kate Wilkinson
5 Tips for Working from Home | How to stay productive, happy and balanced.

How to Stay Productive When Working from Home

March 20, 2020/by Kate Wilkinson
The Tools & Tech You Need to Create & Launch Your Online Course

Every Tool You Need to Create & Launch Your Online Course

February 19, 2020/by Kate Wilkinson
Free Pinterest Templates for Canva | Kate Wilkinson Creative #pinterest #pinteresttools

Free Pinterest Templates for Canva

November 7, 2019/by Kate Wilkinson
Free Tracking Tools for Your Blog's Success | Are you blogging your heart out, but not sure how successful your marketing efforts have really been? Here are some free tools to help you track those important results.

Free Tools for Tracking Your Blog’s Success

October 31, 2019/by Kate Wilkinson

The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

July 2, 2019/by Kate Wilkinson

The 5 Pinterest Tools I Recommend to All of My Clients

May 28, 2019/by Kate Wilkinson
How to Raise Your Prices (without losing clients)

How to Raise Your Prices (without losing clients)

April 16, 2019/by Kate Wilkinson
How to set up Rich Pins in 5 minutes

How to Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest (in just 5 minutes)

September 27, 2018/by Kate Wilkinson
5 Lessons From Being a Digital Nomad | Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world with your laptop? Here's my 5 essential tips for making the journey seamless for you and for your clients.

Five Big Lessons from Working & Travelling The World

September 13, 2018/by Kate Wilkinson
Outsmarting the Pinterest Smart Feed with Keywords | Your comprehensive how-to guide for Pinterest keywording, so your content is seen by the right people. #pinteresttips

How & Where to Add Keywords on Pinterest

June 6, 2018/by Kate Wilkinson

How to Design a Blogger’s Media Kit (includes a free template!)

November 26, 2017/by Kate Wilkinson

The Terms and Conditions Freelance Designers Need to Have In Place

December 1, 2016/by Kate Wilkinson

Video Tutorial: How to Create Realistic iPhone Mockups for Your Blog

November 27, 2016/by Kate Wilkinson
How I Made One Of My Pinterest Pins Go Viral (and you can too in just 6 easy steps!)

Case Study: How I Made One Of My Pins Go Viral

November 1, 2016/by Kate Wilkinson

The Brand Elements Your Creative Business Must Have

October 26, 2016/by Kate Wilkinson

Why I Write a Gratitude Journal (and you should too)

October 19, 2016/by Kate Wilkinson

The Essential Design Resources Every Creative Should Know About

October 8, 2016/by Kate Wilkinson
5 quick and easy tips for giving your Pinterest profile an overhaul which will lead to gaining more followers, driving more traffic to your site and turning your fellow pinners into subscribers and paying customers | Kate Wilkinson Creative

Your Essential 5-Step Pinterest Makeover

October 5, 2016/by Kate Wilkinson