• How & Where to Add Keywords on Pinterest

    Outsmarting the Pinterest Smart Feed with Keywords | Your comprehensive how-to guide for Pinterest keywording, so your content is seen by the right people. #pinteresttips

    In Pinterest, your pins, boards and even profile are all searchable. By optimising your awesome content with keywords, you’re drastically increasing your chances of appearing in the search results of your ideal customer.

    Stumped? Don’t worry, because today I’m going to be walking you through:

    – Why keywords are important
    – How to find the right keywords for your brand
    – Where to place keywords within Pinterest for maximum results

    Ready? Let’s do this!


  • How to Create Gorgeous Instagram Story Highlight Covers

    How to create Instagram Highlight Covers (plus 5 free templates!)

    You may have noticed recently that some of your favourite Instagram accounts have jazzed up their Instagram Story Highlights with custom covers. The great news? These are incredibly easy to create, straight from your cell phone. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s what they look like on your Instagram profile – the […]