Kate Wilkinson

Kate is a Pinterest Coach and Digital Strategist for women wanting to grow their meaningful business without the hustle.

  • 5 Social Media Mistakes You’re Probably Making

    5 Social Media Mistakes You're Probably Making

    This week the wonderful Robyn Mays (aka my dear client and co-founder of South Africa-based digital agency Digital Butter) is here to help us get our social media marketing game back on track. _____ Social media is like any other technology – it’s great when it works but VERY frustrating when it doesn’t. So how […]

  • Free Tools for Tracking Your Blog’s Success

    Free Tracking Tools for Your Blog's Success | Are you blogging your heart out, but not sure how successful your marketing efforts have really been? Here are some free tools to help you track those important results.

    Free Tracking Tools for Your Blog | Want to know how successful your latest social media campaign or marketing strategy has been? Here are some free tools to help you track those conversions. Question: Who is your audience? Where have they come from? And what are they interested in? These are all questions that need […]