Kate Wilkinson

Kate is a Pinterest Coach and Digital Strategist for women wanting to grow their meaningful business without the hustle.

  • Case Study: How I Made One Of My Pins Go Viral

    How I Made One Of My Pinterest Pins Go Viral (and you can too in just 6 easy steps!)

    Someone posted in a blogging group on Facebook yesterday “When all of our friends are getting married and having children, and you’re just trying to go viral”. And man, did I have a good ol’ cackle. As a blogger and a creative entrepreneur, its easy to get fixated on the idea of going viral. Let […]

  • The Brand Elements Your Creative Business Must Have

    Creating a strong, unique brand for your creative business is the number one (yes, number uno) important factor in establishing yourself. Whether your business has been around for some time or it’s brand spankin’ new, you need to create a brand that visually resonates with your customers. Establishing a solid, consistent brand from the get-go will make all of your […]

  • Why I Write a Gratitude Journal (and you should too)

    As a small business owner, solopreneur, freelancer or digital creative, burning the candle at both ends is something we’re prone to doing on the regular. Yes, we know it’s bad for our health, our relationships and our overall wellbeing, but when there’s a looming deadline, a never-ending to-do list or an inbox full on unread […]