Kate Wilkinson

Kate is a Pinterest Coach and Digital Strategist for women wanting to grow their meaningful business without the hustle.

  • Game-Changing Instagram Story Hacks – Part II

    There’s no denying that Instagram’s new Stories feature is getting a lot of engagement (at last count, over 200 million users). As Snapchat numbers decline, bloggers, photographers, marketers and big brands are using the “behind the scenes” feature in a multitude of creative ways. Now that you’ve mastered the basics (check out Part One of this […]

  • How to Turn One Blog Post Into 10 Pieces of Shareable Content

    Today when scrolling through Instagram, a quote appeared in my feed: “Work Smart, Not Hard”. That’s the dream, right? Working less and achieving more in your creative business. But how? Last week I wrote about Evergreen Content in this post and it got me thinking a lot about really making your existing content working for […]