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The Best Instagram Hashtags for Creatives

Are you a designer, illustrator, DIYer, recipe maker or perhaps even a cocktail-mixing queen? Are you struggling to grow on Instagram and expand your reach? If so, #hashtags are just one of the great ways to increase your Instagram account’s exposure and get those ‘likes’ you want (and deserve!). Today I’m sharing the best hashtags for your creative business, no matter […]

The Brand Elements Your Creative Business Must Have

Creating a strong, unique brand for your creative business is the number one (yes, number uno) important factor in establishing yourself. Whether your business has been around for some time or it’s brand spankin’ new, you need to create a brand that visually resonates with your customers. Establishing a solid, consistent brand from the get-go will make all of your […]

Why I Write a Gratitude Journal (and you should too)

As a small business owner, solopreneur, freelancer or digital creative, burning the candle at both ends is something we’re prone to doing on the regular. Yes, we know it’s bad for our health, our relationships and our overall wellbeing, but when there’s a looming deadline, a never-ending to-do list or an inbox full on unread […]

The Essential Design Resources Every Creative Should Know About

Whether you’re crafting your own wedding invitations, creating graphics for your blog, designing digital downloads for Etsy or producing your own e-book, there are a whole lotta creative resources available on the world wide web. But with such a vast selection at your fingertips, what’s good? And which ones are worth your hard earned pennies? Today I thought I’d […]

Game-Changing Instagram Story Hacks

The latest Instagram app update was one of the most exciting and controversial yet. The release of my new obsession Instagram Stories (apologies to Snapchat), the ability to zoom in on an image, plus the drafts feature make this a pretty damn fun release. For those of you who are still feeling a little baffled […]

Your Essential 5-Step Pinterest Makeover

If you’re a creative entrepreneur you’ve probably been hearing a lot of chatter about Pinterest recently, and for good reason. You see, Pinterest is my #1 referrer of traffic to my site, and lucky for you, it’s easy to make Pinterest work for you and your business, no matter what niche you’re in. Today I’m […]