Kate Wilkinson

Kate is a Pinterest Coach and Digital Strategist for women wanting to grow their meaningful business without the hustle.

  • 7 Of My Favourite Journal Prompts for Abundance

    Confession: I used to think of affirmations and journal prompts as a bunch of woo woo nonsense. But here’s what I’ve come to realise of late – you simply can’t move forward in your business, add that extra ‘0’ to your income or truly feel overflow when it comes to money if you’re subconsciously blocking […]

  • How to know if it’s time to hire a Pinterest VA

    Let’s be honest – in the early days of growing and scaling your businesses, hiring a social media manager such as a Pinterest VA can feel like a luxury. Making the commitment to not only entrust an external contractor with your business but also undertaking the obligation to paying someone else can feel a little […]

  • How to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

    Discover how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, work from home, get paid to pin and choose your own schedule! In this post, I'm sharing exactly how you can get started as a PVA, today!

    Imagine working from home. It’s honestly the dream, right? To be your own boss, managing your own time and schedule, and to no longer have to sit in traffic on your daily commute. For just over 2 years now, I’ve worked as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant full-time. I have had the freedom to create a […]