This month, my beautiful client Louise wrapped a $15k launch of her signature program The VA Method (dances around office) 💃🎉

This was the third time Louise had launched this program, and it was her BIGGEST EVER.

(Louise and I have been working together for 3 months, and this was the first launch I’d supported her through)

And when we broke down her process, there were 3 simple (but mighty) changes we made to her strategy that ultimately resulted in this incredible milestone. Have a listen…

Piña Coladas (with a lighter twist)

30 ml rum
5 ml sugar syrup* (see below. you may need more if your pineapple isn’t very sweet)
5 ml lime juice
120 ml pineapple juice (fresh will make a beautiful frothy drink)
60 ml coconut water
Lime wheel to garnish

* Sugar Syrup

In a saucepan, mix ½ cup water with ½ cup white sugar. Warm over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Allow to fully cool, then reserve.


• Ice
• Your favourite cocktail glass