Chapter 2Era

A free 3-day event to step into a whole new era of your business. I’m sharing the identity shifts, self-belief and scaling strategies that will uncover a whole new way of being more, having more and stepping into more. 

If you want to massively scale in 2024, this is the training you NEED to break out of the high-to-low cash months and completely transform your income.

4-6 June 2024​

10 AM AEST | 8 AM AWST | 5 PM PT each day

    By registering you also unlock FREE access to 1 week of Group Hot Seat Coaching in Telegram, plus all call replays.

    Here's what we're covering

    DAY 1


    ✓ The shifts to up-level your identity to match the premium clients you’re so ready for.

    ✓ How to amplify your resilience so you see business challenges as exciting opportunities.

    ✓ How to build your own lane so you’re scaling your business YOUR way.

    DAY 2


    ✓ How to set your conversion rates on fire, regardless of your audience size, how you’ve converted before, or what your income is currently at.

    ✓ How the sales cycle actually starts with YOU first.

    ✓ Easy fixes for your “biggest” sales blocks.

    DAY 3


    We’re rounding out the week with ways to make moves and build your own momentum.

    ✓ Embracing the duality of a Both/And mindset (and how this will massively help you get unstuck).

    ✓ The one mindset shift that changes EVERYTHING for my clients.

    ✓ What you can do today to sign a new client this month.



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