I know a LOT of us are feeling the shifts in Instagram right now.

They’re showing up and sharing a tonne of value.
Engagement is down.
Reels are less of a priority.

And amongst all of this confusion, we just want to be signing clients.


So in this episode of Cocktails & Convos, I’m sharing the essential shifts for turning your content into a client-attraction machine.

  • The all-important exercise that takes content that flops to content that pops.
  • How to start attracting the RIGHT people in your business (and converting your existing one!)
  • What your audience is craving most right now.

Teeny Martini


• 30 ml (1 oz) your best gin or vodka
• 15 ml (1/2 oz) dry vermouth
• Lemon twist or olive, for garnish
• Ice


• Chilled cocktail glass
• Mixing glass
• Bar spoon