The Tools & Tech You Need to Create & Launch Your Online Course

Do you want to launch a successful digital course, but aren’t sure where to start?

Girl, I know the feeling.

I recently launched my signature program Pin for Success and learned so much along the way. So in the interest of saving you a whole lot of time, here are all of the tools that I used to create and launch my course.


Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on my link I may make a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. These are tools that I use and LOVE.




Screenflow is a screencasting and video editing software that makes communicating with your students so easy! I used ScreenFlow to record my slides, and for face to face communication.

Microphone – Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Clear audio is important. Your students are paying to learn quality content from you, so they need to be able to clearly hear what you are trying to teach them. The Blue Yeti microphone was not difficult to use and the quality was amazing!


Canva Slide Template

Webinar Slide Deck for Canva from Creative Market. This ready-to-use webinar slide deck kit included everything that I needed to create the slides for my presentation. All I needed was my copy, images and branding!


Leadpages is an online program that helps you to create beautiful landing pages in minutes. They provide heaps of templates that you can use for creating your pages, pop-ups and banners that promote your freebie and capture subscribers.

Student Facebook group graphics

If you’re wanting to communicate with your students within a Facebook group (which I highly recommend!), these customisable Facebook group graphics make it so easy.

Graphic mock-ups for your sales page

This mock-up kit was the perfect tool to help me show potential students what my course could visually look like for them. The best part – you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it!

Course hosting & payments:


Teachable is an online course hosting platform. It allows your students to easily navigate the course you have set up, and track their progress. Teachable handles everything from content hosting, delivery and payment processing to let you focus on creating content, teaching and providing amazing support.


My payment processor of choice is Stripe, and it easily integrates with Teachable.

Course Marketing:


Convertkit is the email marketing program I use, and one I recommend for all business owners and creative entrepreneurs looking to increase conversions and optimise their sales funnel. It has tons of handy features to help you market to your list, and it allows you to effectively and professionally communicate with your audience (plus it connects seamlessly with LeadPages).


I’ve tried other webinar software over the years, but the easiest to use (IMHO) is Zoom is the easiest to use.

Webinars are a great strategy to use in the pre-launch phase of your course to host a Masterclass, then convert the webinar viewers into paying students.


Affiliates are able to promote your offering to an audience that you may not have reached on your own yet. I enlisted a select group of past students and clients to promote my course. They were able to give genuine testimonies based personal experience and help enrol more students. I used Teachable to track and manage all affiliate sales.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are another great way to reach an audience that you may not have been able to reach on your own. Facebook allows you to target your ideal audience and convert them to students.

Let me know – did you find this helpful? Which tools are you most excited to use?

Kate x