This week I was diving into my reports and *holy cow!* I gained 646 new subscribers in July 🤯

This was definitely NOT a fluke. I’ve been tweaking and testing over the last couple of months and the results have been real.

July’s subscriber growth

So today I want to share this exact strategy with you, so let’s dive into how this happened (without spending a cent on ads).

Step 1: I focussed on promoting just 1 opt-in freebie

At the start of 2019, I realized that I had far too many opt-ins on offer.

I had a resource library, Instagram templates, checklists, gratitude journals….. the list went on.

The only problem was, most of these didn’t align with what I am an expert in, what products I sell, or what services I offer.

The solution? Focus on promoting just 1 freebie that spoke to my dream customer, and how I wanted to help them.

Step 2: I promoted it *everywhere*

Now that I knew exactly what I wanted to share with the world, it was time to promote my Pinterest Makeover Guide everywhere I could think of.

Here’s where:

  • I created 4 x more Pinterest graphics that linked directly to my opt-in page
  • I linked to my freebie in my website’s navigation menu
  • I added an opt-in form directly to my website’s homepage
  • I added links to my Pinterest and Instagram bios
  • I added a pop-up to my website (that appeared when a user was about to exit my site)
  • I promoted it within all relevant blog posts
  • I added a link to my email signature

Basically, if you were on my website or social media pages, it was pretty hard to miss ☺️

Step 3: I re-wrote the copy on my opt-in page

The last piece of the puzzle was to improve conversions.

I wanted to ensure that I was turning as many of my website visitors into subscribers. And this all boiled down to having the right copy on my opt-in page.

And in hindsight, the switch was so damn simple.

Instead of introducing the freebie by name, I introduced the incredible value it offered.

Here’s the switch:

Old title:

“Download Your Free Pinterest Makeover Guide”

(snore, right?)

New title:

“Ready for a simple and free system for growing your business month after month?”

And just like magic, my conversion rate spiked by almost 20%! 💃

Let’s wrap this baby up

So tell me – was this helpful? Do you have an opt-in for your business?

Drop your comments below! I’d LOVE to hear from you!