Free Tracking Tools for Your Blog's Success | Are you blogging your heart out, but not sure how successful your marketing efforts have really been? Here are some free tools to help you track those important results.

Free Tracking Tools for Your Blog | Want to know how successful your latest social media campaign or marketing strategy has been? Here are some free tools to help you track those conversions.

Question: Who is your audience? Where have they come from? And what are they interested in?

These are all questions that need answers for your blog’s success.

Why? Because without facts and figures about your audience, it can be hard to set goals and implement strategies to improve your blog traffic.

If you’re are fairly new to the blogging world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless array of tracking and reporting tools available. I’ve narrowed the endless list down to the few tools that can really help your blog thrive (and are so simple to use):

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly easy tool to use, and it’s free! You simply sign up and insert the provided tracking code into your site’s header.

Google Analytics allows you to:

  • View your monthly traffic (sessions) for how many people are coming to your blog
  • See the bounce rates to see if your audience is sticking around
  • Plus, it also helps you to differentiate between new & returning visitors to see if you attracting a new audience


Bitly is used for shortening URLs and tracking link clicks. You can create customisable links too!

This is a great tool if you’re adding your blog’s links into social media posts, messages, or any third-party platform.


Social Mention is a free, real-time search tool that allows you to track mentions (or keywords) you have included in your blog’s social media marketing campaigns.

This tool can also track other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

Social Mention also gives you the option to receive daily email alerts based on statistics of your chosen keywords for free.

W3Counter Real-Time Stats

W3Counter Real-Time Stats is perfect for WordPress.org users who feel overwhelmed by Google Analytics.

It’s the all-in-one solution for real-time reports such as:

  • Number of pageviews on your blog
  • What pages and platforms are linking to your site
  • Top pages linking to your site
  • Your most popular blog posts posts

Let me know – did you find this helpful? Which tool are you most excited to use?

Drop your comments below! I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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