I just deleted 2,326 subscribers from my email list 😳⁠

But before you have a heart attack, here’s why:⁠

✨ I started growing my email list back in 2014 when I was a blogger, and I understand that not everyone is aligned with my new calling. ⁠⁠
✨ There’s enough online noise at the moment for me to be clogging up the inbox of someone who never opens my mail. ⁠⁠
✨ Every month, I’m paying Convertkit for these subscribers.⁠⁠
✨ These subscribers were ice ❄ cold, meaning that they were just a vanity number. ⁠

So here’s what I did:⁠

⇛ Segmented my list in Convert and tagged all of my Cold Subscribers.⁠⁠
⇛ Sent this list a 3-part email sequence (“Action Required: Want to continue to hear from me?” kinda vibe)⁠⁠
⇛ Deleted everyone who chose not to stay.⁠

✨ Et voila! ✨⁠

I have a super-engaged, vibey list PLUS an epic open rate.⁠

Tell me ⬇ Has this inspired you to clean up your list?⁠

Got questions or suggestions? Drop them into the comments below!