Laura O’Hagan is an incredible Mindset Coach & Business Strategist who has been in my inner circle for many years.

Almost 5 years ago, she was a client of my Pinterest Strategy services (talk about a #throwback) and today we work with the same Business Coach.

One topic Laura is wildly passionate about is intentionally building a business you love. And in today’s episode, we’re shakin’ Palomas and chatting about how to ensure you have an aligned business that you love.

Spicy Paloma

• 50ml tequila 
• 75ml fresh grapefruit juice (pink is fab, but whatever you can get) 
• 25ml agave syrup* see below 
• 1 lime, cut in half
• 2 slices of fresh jalapeno 
• Ice (enough to shake with, plus extra for serving) 
• Salt for the rim 
* Agave syrup: Mix equal quantities of agave with water. 

• Shaker
• Strainer (if you have one, otherwise we’ll do a workaround) 
• Tall glass