Let’s be honest – in the early days of growing and scaling your businesses, hiring a social media manager such as a Pinterest VA can feel like a luxury.

Making the commitment to not only entrust an external contractor with your business but also undertaking the obligation to paying someone else can feel a little daunting.

So how do you know when you’re ready to bite the bullet and hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? Here are 3 big reasons:

It’s Not Where Your Time Is Best Spent

As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats in our businesses, but if you’re truly ready to scale and grow your impact on the world, the first step is to know when to outsource.

Let’s say you’re a Business Coach who charges $300 per hour for your time. Does it really make sense for you to spend 6 hours per month on Pinterest scheduling, designing pins, tracking your results and researching keywords?

Instead, this time could be used to support your clients, launch a new program or other strategic tasks that only YOU can do.

Your VA is NOT a Pinterest VA

This is one I see time and time again – entrepreneurs handball their Pinterest marketing needs to their existing VA who has never been formally trained in Pinterest marketing strategies. Worst of all, the VA unknowingly makes a ton of crucial mistakes which bomb the account. And suddenly, you’re paying your VA to damage your account’s growth and reach, however you’re both none the wiser.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many accounts that have been mismanaged for years, and it takes months (and hundreds of dollars) to get them back on track.

A Pinterest VA or Strategist is specially trained in the platform – how to maximise your growth, get epic results, and how to adjust to the algorithm changes.

You’ll See an ROI for Years to Come

One of the greatest things about Pinterest? The work you do now will bring you (free) results for months and years to come.

That means that with a relatively small investment into a Pinterest VA, you’ll see an ROI in the form of spicy leads, subscribers and sales from Pinterest to your business well into the future.

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