If you struggle to create content for social media….listen up! 📢

Is this you, too? 

I would set aside time in my calendar every month to write social posts, only to state at an empty screen 😂

Here’s how I now strategically batch my social media. 

Step 1 – Got a thought? Just write it down ✏️

Whenever you’re feeling inspired, add thoughts to your phone’s note app. This could come from your client lessons, daily inspiration or thoughts on something you’ve seen/heard. 

Step 2 – Don’t waste a makeup day 💄

Sit down and record a whole series of Insta Stories based on your notes. The winner here is batching out your content so that it feels more easeful and effective. 

Step 3 – Repurpose 😍

Caption your post, add it to Google Drive and get your team to convert it into other content. It can be turned into an Insta post, Facebook post, freebie, newsletter or even be expanded into a blog post. 

Why this works 💥

As the CEO of your business, you have so many moving parts to think about. To know that this one piece of your marketing is taken care of, it frees up so much headspace. So that you can focus on other parts of your business. 

⁠Got questions or suggestions? Drop them into the comments below!