These days, I’m blessed to say that I’ve had easy $25k+ launches. But it wasn’t always this way!

And looking back on my failed launches, I can see that one of the biggest pieces that set me up for failure was my mindset.

So, if you’ve got a burning desire to start selling high-ticket services or programs, but find yourself thinking…

My audience is too small!
My audience can’t afford high-ticket.
I’m too new to business to sell high-ticket.

… then this episode is for you.

Your Favourite Sour Recipe

• 60 ml (2 oz) tequila, whiskey, bourbon, gin… whatever spirit you love!
• 20 ml (¾ oz) fresh lemon juice
• 15 ml (½ oz) egg white
• 20 ml (¾ oz) sugar syrup (see note)
• your favourite garnish
• Ice

Sugar Syrup

In a saucepan, mix ½ cup water with ½ cup white sugar. Warm over medium heat until sugar has dissolved. Allow to fully cool, then reserve.


• Cocktail shaker (or jar with a tight lid)
• Strainer
• Your favourite cocktail glass