In this episode of Cocktails & Convos, I dive into the common mistakes I see entrepreneurs making when creating their first online course.

Spoiler: it’s not what you think.

Spicy Paloma Recipe

~ 1 ½ oz / 45 ml blanco tequila
~ 3 oz / 90 ml grapefruit juice
~ ½ oz / 15 ml lime juice
~ Sparkling water/soda water
~ Agave nectar
~ 2 slices fresh jalapeño
~ 1 grapefruit wedge to garnish
~ Salt for rimming your glass (optional)

3 Common Online Mini-course Mistakes 

Are you making these mistakes with your online course? 

Mistake 1: The “Kitchen Sink Syndrome”

Are you trying to pack too much information into your online mini-course? This can result in diverting from the core deliverable or transformation that you offer your students. 

If you find yourself trying to overdeliver, come back to your why. Ask yourself why are you creating your mini online course? What do your students need? 

I’ve been there and know it’s a mindset shift to work through and it ultimately comes down to thinking, I want people to think they are getting value for money so I am going to jam in everything that they could possibly learn about that topic. Is this sounding familiar? 

Ultimately if you divert too much for your core why or deliverable what happens is your students will be overwhelmed, confused and your course completion rates will crash. 

They want to learn, implement, grow and repeat. 

One way I love doing this is mapping curriculum and creating a clear pathway that journey from where your student is now and where you want to take them. 

Dig deeper into how you can prepare your students from point a to point b, moving them into one of your high ticket items. 

Mistake 2: Not addressing mindset blocks

I invite you to talk about the mindset work that you need to do and make sure you are constantly incorporating it into your modules. 

Some mindset blocks might be imposter syndrome or self-sabotage.

“I’m not worthy of this”

“Ppl like me don’t make $$”

“This will never work”

Mistake 3: Waiting too long to launch

Can you relate to any of these mindset blocks? 

  • Recovering perfectionist
  • Imposter syndrome (teach)
  • I’m not ready (learn more, fancy studio)

Want to know the magical resolution? 

There is never a ‘perfect’ time and you are ready! It’s time to create and launch your irresistible mini-course!

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