Your sales gap is...

Offer Overwhelm

It’s time to drill down on ONE potent offer that solidifies your impact and brings in recurring $10k months.

Jumping from offer to offer is doing your business a massive disservice. And I get it: you want to get cash in the door now, and when sales don’t come in immediately, your first instinct is to jump ship in search of the “magic” offer.

The Fix

Truth: Just because your offer doesn’t immediately fly off the metaphorical digital shelves the first time you post about it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got massive income potential.

You may very well be sitting on a 6-figure goldmine – all it needs is a little time and patience.

Here’s how to start creating predictable, recurring revenue in your business:


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Why this works

My clients and I are your personal proof that you can make 6 and multi-6 figures with just one offer and 5 clients (yes, even as a brand new Coach or OSP).

Drilling down on 1 signature offer that you sell over and over again builds MASSIVE trust with your audience.

You’re assertively telling them “I believe so deeply that this is the only offer you need”

This offer is how you solidify your reputation whilst generating predictable revenue month-to-month. 

Imagine the Possibilities

The path to 'better' isn't that far away...

The good news is, you don’t need to start from scratch (and feel like you’re back at square one again). Rather, refine and improve on what you’ve already built in the past to create a potent offer your people are going to be OB-SESSED with.

All you need to do it pair your offer with a spicy marketing and messaging offer and you’re on your way to a fully booked biz (did somebody say ‘waitlist’?).


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Hey love, I'm Kate!

I am a Business Coach and Educator with a proven track record of helping countless badass business owners build 6 and multi-6-figure businesses that are sustainable and balance-led.

My Coaching blends soul-led frameworks and proven digital strategies for repeatable, easeful sales.

With over a decade’s worth of digital strategy and marketing experience under my belt, I coach heart-led and ambitious women to grow their passion and purpose into a business where longevity and profitability are at the forefront.

I can’t wait to be in your corner.

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