Your sales gap is...

Sales Stamina

I get it… life and business get busy sometimes. But the truth is, inconsistently showing up is massively sabotaging your ability to grow and bring in predictable sales.

If your sales are up and down like a yoyo, it’s time to craft a sales strategy that’s rooted in long-term sustainability (not sprints that burn you out).

The Fix

Content creation and consistently showing up for your community must be priorities in your business.

No, Instagram isn’t the only way you can grow your business BUT you must have at least one top-of-funnel tool tool that creates awareness. Whether it’s paid advertising, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SEO or Instagram, you need a way for your people to find and connect with you.

And before you say “Well X coach makes 7 figures and doesn’t sell every day” I’ll bet my left shoe that they showed up every day and shared value when they were where exactly you are today.

TLDR; There’s no skipping this step.


Why this works

The more consistent you are, the more consistent your sales will be.

Don’t wait for a ‘full body yes’ in order to execute – just get started. 

The most successful entrepreneurs I’ve worked with back themselves and keep sharing and selling, even when they feel like giving up, even when it feels like no one is paying attention, even when it feels like the algorithm is against them, and even when they feel like an imposter.

This is when they start to quantum leap and things start shifting fast.

Imagine the Possibilities

The path to 'better' isn't that far away...

The good news is, making sales isn’t some arcane magic. It’s about building awareness around your work, showing the world who you are, who you help, and the unique magic you bring. And guess what? It all starts with one simple thing: showing up.

So, if you’re ready to make more sales and unleash your potential, now’s your chance to fully embrace your power and share more of your authentic self with the world!


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