Only 3 spots left to work with me in 2022! Read More
Only 3 spots left to work with me in 2022!

Ready to become limitless & have those $10k cash months you've only dreamt of?

Your next-level life and business are waiting for you. You’re a magnetic business owner in the making.

Let’s unleash some of that magic.

Your wildly successful business starts with high-vibe, strategic a.f. guidance

I created this program because I know one thing: You deserve to have the business you always dreamed of.

It’s time to create a business and life that serves YOU.

Let's play a game of true or false (entrepreneur edition)

Yell out “BINGO!” when you hit 3 truths.

> You’re offering services in your business that you don’t even like, but you’re too reliant on their income.

> You’re working twice the hours and earning half the money than you did when you worked in your crappy 9-5 job.

> This isn’t the #entrepreneurlife that was on the brochure. Where’s all that money and freedom people talk about?

> You’re feeling 2 steps behind every other entrepreneur on Instagram. By now you thought you’d be having easy $10k cash months and growing your dream team.

> You know deep down that you are meant for more, but you’re feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start.

> You’re so ready for $10k+ months (and beyond). So much so, you can feel it in your bones. You just need the guidance and support to get you there.

Let me guess...

Googling “how to make $10k months” and listening to every podcast about “showing up” has left you feeling more frustrated than free.

You’ve tried to stalk other entrepreneurs online in attempt to “hack” their secrets, but you just can’t understand HOW they’re having easy $10k months and you’re not.

Hell, you even thought that buying crystals and an oracle card deck would make things finally “click”.

I know what this feels like because I was there, too.

I used to struggle to make sales, had long stretches where my business made almost no money, and would often cry at my desk.

I’ve felt the pressure from the household and my spouse more than once. And the frustrations from not hitting those high numbers that everyone else seems to be earning so easily.

The one thing that changed EVERYTHING for me was hiring a coach.

One that supported me deeply, was always cheering in my corner, and who helped make me into an incredible coach, too.

Because here's the thing

You're destined to have everything you want.

Those stretchy income goals? That secret vision you have for the impact you want to make? The community you want to build?

It can all be yours.

All whilst working the hours you want. Serving those you want to work with.

And all with a ton of fun and flow.

You just need the right support and mentorship to get you there.

Prepare for big shifts.

This powerful 1:1 program will expand you in ways you've never imagined.

Because it’s time for the world to finally see how truly powerful you really are.


I know you’re ready to unleash your magic and make a bigger impact.

(and I want to show you how WITHOUT burning yourself out)



"That all sounds great Kate, but what makes you qualified to coach me on this?"

I made a choice early on in my business to live the most magical life.

One where I can:

✨ Work from anywhere.

✨ Make over $50k in passive sales in my sleep every year.

✨ Live by the beach in my dream house.

✨ Work 3.5 days per week.

✨ Take long weekends in luxury hotels.

✨ Pick up the tab when out wining and dining with my partner.

✨ Take 2 months off work and still make money.

✨ Know that I am guided on this entire journey, and money always flows to me.

✨ Attract high-vibe, soulmate clients.

I’m qualified because I create and live it. And it’s magical as f*ck.

And now I want to share my knowledge and strategies with you.


It's 100% possible to create a business that's fun, flowy, fulfilling AND makes easy $10k months.

Welcome to


A 6-month, one-to-one coaching program where we set up your business for exponential success.

This program fuses the 3 pillars of mindset + strategy + expansion, resulting in you experiencing what success really means.

Because your mastered mindset coupled with powerful strategy creates space for you to exponentially expand – your launches, your impact, your team, your cash, your abundance… and more.

Everything you get:


Our first coaching call together will span over 90 minutes so we can dive into your big goals and set the foundations for exponential success, right from the get-go.


For our remaining calls, we’ll meet for three consecutive weeks per month. Each coaching call is 60-minutes in length, and it’s on these calls that we’ll create your strategic roadmap for more income, greater impact and (most importantly) more freedom.


Outside of our calls, you can reach out to me using the messaging app, Voxer. Whether you need advice, direction or just some loving words of encouragement, I’m available to chat privately Monday to Friday so you can move the needle forward, faster between calls.


Need my eyes on your work? I’m here to review your ideas as you create and expand, so you always feel supported and are in a position to get the best results possible.


Here's a snack-sized snapshot of my clients' results:

🍾 Hitting easy $10k+ months.

🍾 Having 5-figure launches of a brand new offer.

🍾 Launching with ease.

🍾 Quitting their 9-5 job and stepping into a business they LOVE.

🍾 Creating a work schedule that truly serves them.

🍾 Kicking imposter syndrome to the curb and connecting with their authentic self.

🍾 Creating a scalable product suite, and increasing the lifetime value of every client who comes in the door.

…. and so many more magical moments!

I'm here to elevate your biz

“Kate’s strategies, business insight and patience are all the qualities that make a great coach. Her confidence is infectious!

Not only will your business grow but your mindset will too. Kate will work with you to create an actionable roadmap for systems that you feel excited about… and will actually implement”

– Orla, Digital Designer & Strategist

Wondering what your journey looks like?

As your coach, I’m here to help you maximise your potential, inspire you to bring your vision to life, keep you accountable, and hold space for you every step of the way.

Here’s just a snapshot of what your transformation could look like…

+ Harnessing your mindset and strategy for hitting $10k+ months.

+ Signing high-ticket clients.

+ Building automated systems that sell your offers in your sleep.

+ Creating aligned programs that’ll have your audience banging down the door before you’ve even launched.

+ Finally feel what it’s like to embody fun and flow in your business.

+ Expanding your team and outsourcing.

+ Developing healthy CEO habits (that support you AND your clients).

+ Creating your business’ offer suite that’s positioned for profit.

+ Mastering your mindset and ditching imposter syndrome for good.

+ Live launching with ease

… and so much more!

I can't wait for us to be having convos just like this in the DMs...

Your investment

6 month coaching package

monthly payments of

$1,555 AUD

(approximately $1,111 USD per mo)

* GST will be added for Australian clients.

I'm here to elevate your biz

“Our 1:1 calls and Voxer conversations included many breakthroughs for me, and I always felt fully supported.

I feel far more confident in my business than I have ever before. I feel empowered to place boundaries with my clients when needed and to charge what I am worth”

– Jennifer, Pinterest Strategist

Ready to chat next steps? (I'M pumped!)

Book Your Free Call

Imagine what your life and business could look like in 6 months’ time.

I’m here to support your biggest goals, amplify your income, and help you feel truly expanded.

Meet Your Coach

Hey babe, I'm Kate!

Think of me as your expander, showing you how you can lean into the ease of money and flow, all whilst building the life you most desire.

Empowering badass business owners and helping them to build the multi 6-figure biz of their dreams (on their terms) is my jam.

My work infuses high-level digital strategies and systems for automated cash infusions with a whole lotta fun and joy.

With almost a decade’s worth of digital strategy, I now coach heart-led and ambitious women to grow their passion and purpose into a sustainable and profitable business.

I know you’re here because you’re ready to grow your impactful, meaningful business, without the hustle.

Let’s do this! (I can’t wait to be cheering in your corner)

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