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This week I wanted to open up my Pinterest toolkit and share with you the *exact* tools I use and recommend for Pinterest marketing.

These tools will help you with:

  1. Account set-up
  2. Pin design
  3. Email list growth
  4. Scheduling
  5. Tracking your growth

1. Account Set-up

Before you start pinning your content to Pinterest, you’re going to need to set up Rich Pins.

Put simply, Rich Pins add extra details to Pins from your website, telling Pinterest users what your post is all about before they click through to your website.

If you have a WordPress website, the easiest way to enable Rich Pins is to use the free plugin Yoast SEO.

| Tip: Need help? Here’s how to set up Rich Pins in less than 5 minutes.

2. Easy Pin Design

I get it: designing your pins may not be your favourite task, but well-designed pins will make a HUGE difference in how your content performs on Pinterest. The solution? An easy-to-use, Pinterest-optimized template.

Here’s a couple of my favourites from Creative Market:

1. Pinterest Canva Bundle by Station Seven

2. Pinterest Optimized Templates for Canva by Basil and Bark 

3. Email List Growth

If you want to take your business growth to the next level with Pinterest, it’s time to turn those website visitors into subscribers.

These days we all know the importance of having an email list, and the easiest way of growing your list is to use opt-ins – a free digital resource or download that readers receive in exchange for their email address.

Examples of opt-ins include:

  • roadmaps (I LOVE this template for creating roadmaps)
  • e-books or workbooks (I often use this template, too)
  • templates
  • printables
  • email challenges or mini-courses

…. and many more!

If you’re wanting to create multiple freebies for growing your list, then this Opt-in Bundle is the bomb.

4. Scheduling

Here’s the thing: Pinterest’s algorithm LOVES consistent pinners, though none of us has the time or the resources to be on the platform manually pinning content every day. #truedat

Your secret weapon for pinning on the daily on auto-pilot? Tailwind.

Tailwind is by far the best scheduling tool you can use for Pinterest. Here are some of the reasons I love it so much:

  • The tool lets you schedule a month’s worth of content in just 1 hour.
  • It has great reporting so you can easily understand what’s working and what’s not.
  • It’s the essential key to your Pinterest growth (trust me).

To try Tailwind free for 1-month click here (then hit the green ‘Free Trial’ button).

5. Tracking your growth

When it comes to getting clear on how many people are coming to your website from Google (and what they’re doing when they’re there) then nothing beats Google Analytics.

It’s free, incredibly accurate and gives you a detailed snapshot of whether you’re strategy is actually converting.

For a snack-sized report, head to Acquisition > Social > Overview to see how many users are coming to your website or blog from Pinterest.

Tell me: do you have a favourite tool or resource you love using for Pinterest? Tell us about it in the comments!