{truth time} Are you easily distracted by ✨Shiny ✨New ✨Toys?

We’ve all been there.

Thinking we’ve found the silver bullet that will transform our biz overnight.

This shiny new toy may be a new TOOL:

⇛ Reels

⇛ Clubhouse

⇛ Pinterest

⇛ LinkedIn


A new OFFER in your suite, like:

⇛ Mastermind

⇛ Membership

⇛ 1:1 Coaching

⇛ Online courses

But here are 2 problems I see with SNT’s over and over again….

1️⃣ It keeps us “busy”

“Busy” doesn’t help you move the needle forward in your biz.

It could be a really good excuse for us to hide behind something so we don’t have to show up and sell on a platform where your audience is, and are already engaging with you.

2️⃣ You miss out on one of the most important pieces of marketing…

💥 Repetition!

Selling one offer on one platform to one audience.

Repetition is SO important when it comes to you and your offers staying front of mind.

→ Are you feeling like you’re not scaling this year in a way that you want to? Feeling super stagnant? I’m here to help 🔥

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