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Professional Bio

Kate Wilkinson is a Business Coach & Marketing Mentor. After leaving the corporate world burnt out and stressed out, she now helps entrepreneurs unlock their magic, scale to 6 figures and create a business that’s intentional, profitable and balance-led.

With over a decade’s worth of digital experience under her belt (from leading successful digital agencies to managing an internationally successful eCommerce business), her days are now spent coaching heart-led humans to grow their passion and purpose into a wildly fulfilling and impactful business.
Kate’s work blends robust digital strategies and powerful energetics for predictable and easeful cash infusions through her signature framework  Mindset, Strategy & Expansion

Some topics I love speaking on

+ How anchoring into your zone of genius and unleashing your authenticity builds unshakable authority and a 6-figure biz.

+ How to start attracting and signing next-level, soulmate clients on repeat. 

+ Income stacking and Money Margaritas.

+ Harnessing your mindset and strategy for hitting $10K+ months.

+ Scaling with simple, timeless strategies for predictable sales.

+ The strategy behind creating and launching your first high-ticket offer.

+ Developing your business’ offer suite that’s positioned for profit. 

+ Building automated systems that sell your offers in your sleep.

+ Monetising your passion with a highly scalable online course.

+ Transitioning from side-hustler to full-time boss.

+ Lead generation, list growth, live launching with ease… and so much more! 

If you have a community of heart-lead entrepreneurs who are seeking MORE fun, freedom, income and impact, I would love to be part of their transformational journey. 

A selection of

Media Features

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